We're hiring!

We're looking for a talented programmer to join the Ludiq team on Bolt.

Ludiq is building Bolt, a next-generation visual scripting tool for Unity. Over the last three years, we put all our efforts into developing an environment that empowers every gamedev to bring their ideas to life, collaborate in diverse teams, and have fun while creating.

Today, Bolt is among the most popular extensions for Unity, used by thousands of gamedevs across the world. We're looking for a new programmer to join our small team on this project.

You will:

  • Implement new Bolt features
  • Hunt down bugs until every last one of them is squished dead
  • Optimize for maximum speed and minimum memory usage
  • Interact with the community for suggestions and bug reports

You need to:

  • Speak C# as if it was your native language
  • Have a knack for clean software architecture and good UX
  • Be comfortable with Git and team collaboration
  • Live in Montreal, world capital of gamedev!
    (Note: We are unfortunately NOT open to international relocation for this position.)

You'll get:

  • Competitive salary (25-35$/h depending on skill and experience)
  • An open-ended contractual position
  • Flexible hours, open to 4-day weeks if you prefer
  • Work from GamePlay Space, an awesome coworking space exclusively for indie game studios in downtown Montreal


Send your resume to hello@ludiq.io !

If possible, include code samples of your previous work (e.g. public Github repositories).

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