Bolt for education.

Teach programming, Unity and C# in a visual way.

Bolt is a fantastic learning tool. With live editing and visual feedback, your students can literally see the flow of logic as it happens. It's a powerful and fun way to learn core programming skills in an industry-standard environment. If you are an educator, reach out to us and we can provide you with an evaluation copy.

Trusted by schools worldwide.

Open Window
Bolt bridges the gap between artists and developers... but most importantly, it allows us to learn while we play.
ISART Digital
As a Game Designer I found Bolt to be the perfect gateway to coding and be able to fast prototype on any idea I might have. As teachers it helps us focusing on the game logic rather than coding conventions. This leaves our students more time to work on the creative part of their games! A must have on Unity.
Dania Academy
Bolt and visual scripting was a nice way into Unity that made us able to create games faster than we had anticipated.

You're still teaching C#... but visually.

Beyond Bolt, students learn core C# and Unity skills, the industry-leading tools in game devevelopment.

Control Structures
Branch, switch, select, loop

Branch, switch, select, loop: every core C# control structure is available for use in Bolt with the same pattern and parameters.

Simple containers with different scopes

Bolt simplifies variables with 6 simple scopes: flow, graph, object, scene, application and saved. Spend time teaching logic, not data storage.

Every primitive, class and struct is available

Every primitive, class and struct is available in Bolt, with a clear color-coding pattern that helps students match ports and understand type compatibility.

The perfect sandbox.

Live editing lets your students experiment and see the results instantly.

Every graph can be modified during play mode, allowing you to quickly showcase the effect of changes.

We got your back.

With our ever-expanding Learning Hub, you and your students have all the resources they need.

Full Manual
Every notion is covered, from core C# concepts like types and variables to Bolt notions like graphs and macros.
Official Tutorials
Video and text guides that guide you through the creation of entire games and specific mechanics.
Example Projects
Complete working projects using Bolt that can be studied for inspiration and understanding

Coming soon: Realtime C# Generation

Edit your graph and see the C# code side-by-side, instantly.

Available now.

Don't take our word for it.

Every week, our users are telling us how Bolt helped them understand programming.

It's still programming but visual, context-sensitive and with instant feedback. I'm basically learning C# and Bolt at the same time. Bolt has enabled me to learn how to code. And for that I'm grateful.
Marko Kršul
The unexpected side-effect of Bolt is that I am now able to read the C# code, follow Unity C# tutorials and implement the solutions with Bolt.
The ability to visualise the logic of the game in real time as it is running is so satisfying.
If you are new to coding (or just C#) this is, in my opinion, the best VS tool to learn to code with right now.
Visual scripting feels like it's going to be main programming interface in the future. Programming becomes more accessible for everyone with tools like this.

Coming soon: The Lesson Plan

We're preparing a C# fundamentals course outline taught using Bolt.

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