Get Bolt for free.

No bamboozle.

We’re committed to democratizing game development. This is why we offer free, full-featured Bolt licenses to non-profits, YouTubers, game jams and more. We do not offer Trial licenses.



We want to encourage the creation of tutorials and example for the community. YouTubers qualify for free licenses under these conditions:

  • Have at least 500 subscribers on your channel
  • Focus on educational or game-development related content
  • Have a channel that has been registered and active for at least 6 months
  • Contact us via an official or verified email address
Game Jams

We think Bolt is a fun and fast way of prototyping core game concepts. Game jam participants qualify for free licenses under these conditions:

  • The game jam must be public, free and hosted in a physical space
  • It must have been hosted at least once in the past
  • The tool must be provided in advance for the entrants to have a chance to learn it before the jam
  • Contact us via the organizer at a verifiable email address
Non-Profit Organizations

We want to support non-profits dedicated to inclusiveness in games. Organizations qualify under these conditions:

  • Be legally incorporated as a non-profit
  • Host physical events or operate from a physical space
  • Contact us via a legal representative of the organization
Coworking Spaces

We work from an amazing coworking space in Montreal and want to share that collaborative spirit across the world. Coworking spaces qualify for free licenses under these conditions:

  • Host primarily game or software developers
  • Host at least 3 distinct teams or studios
  • Have been established for at least 6 months
  • Count at least 10 active members
  • Contact us via an administrator of the space
Unity User Groups

We want to give Unity devs occasions share knowledge through in-person meetups and workshops. Unity User Groups qualify for free licenses under these conditions:

  • Be registered on Meetups and listed on the Unity website
  • Contact us via the publicly listed Meetup organizer

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