The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon

The deadliest maze ever designed

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Iconic, classic, fresh.

It all starts with industry icon Ian Livingstone. The man who co-founded Games Workshop, launched Dungeons and Dragons in Europe and co-created the classic Fighting Fantasy gamebook series, writing 15 of them himself. One of those Books was the hit "Deathtrap Dungeon," and fans of the 1980's game-book will be ecstatic to find the "Sentient Plays is re-imagining the classic as a digital choose your adventure RPG.

That's where the team comes in, a team filled with highly skilled designers, programmers, artists and cartographers, besides, what's a dungeon without a good map?

Iain McCaig, the artist of the original Deathtrap Dungeon book is excited to return to the series for this re-imagination. He has since been a principle artist for some of the biggest films in hollywood, ranging from Star Wars to Harry Potter. Officially, Ian is the Art Director and Lead Artist on the project.

Brad Becker is a tech executive, futurist, designer, storyteller, and songwriter. He is the CEO of Sentient Play, bringing interactive storytelling to life through art, artifice, and artificial intelligence. His previous game, KOMRAD, garnered a 4.78 star review average from players and made CNET’s Best Mobile Games of 2016 list. Brad was formerly the Chief Design Officer of IBM Watson, can be partially blamed for bringing streaming video to the web with his work at Adobe and Microsoft, and played over 600 shows in a band signed to Universal Records back when being in a band was almost a viable career.

"I was a kid when games really exploded onto the scene across America in a big way: Dungeons & Dragons, the Atari 2600, video arcades—it was an exciting time. It also neatly coincided with the rise of the home computer and so it was no surprise that after I convinced my dad to buy an Apple IIe for his business, the first thing I did was learn to program an app to roll up characters for D&D." Says Brad.

He continues, "Sentient Play has been very much a personal quest to take everything I’ve learned and everything I’ve loved in the past and try to bring it together in a way that works for people today. Long-term, we want to build games that use AI to adapt to each individual player in realtime as you play."

Finn Staber and his team at "Chicken Waffle"...that's right, you heard me "Chicken Waffle" will help develop the Storybook Hero Engine.

Alex Gygax, a multiclass creative consultant, will help the team focus on capturing the creative soul of the old school role-playing.

Gray Rogers, veteran concept artist who spent seven years at Telltale game working on modern classics such as The Walking dead, Batman and The Wolf Among Us.

Finally you have the cartographers with the coolest names, Misty Bee and Glynn Seal.

Enter, if you dare

Deathtrap Dungeon is a single player roleplaying game where you explore, fight monsters, craft items, solve puzzles, outwit opponents, and skill up your hero to be the first to conquer the greatly expanded Deathtrap Dungeon.

"The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon is a sequel to a gamebook that a ton of people loved in the 80’s and 90’s. We’re greatly expanding the setting, the story, and the gameplay, to provide the ideal quick playing roleplaying adventure experience. It’s a thinking game, not a reflex game just like the original games that started those genres: D&D, Adventure, Zork, etc.

I first thought up the Storybook Hero “living book” game format about six years ago and We’ve been actively prototyping and working on the underlying engine for 2-3 years. The idea of an AI-powered book comes from The Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer from the novel “The Diamond Age” by Neil Stephenson. " -Brad Becker

Bolt has allowed me to quickly try out ideas

"Bolt has allowed me to quickly try out ideas and now modify them live on the fly to get the experience and feel of the game right. When we move into production, we may also use Bolt for empowering team members that aren’t developers to be building and modifying certain interactive content in the game." -Brad Becker

For anyone that loves RPGs or adventure games, come check out and see what you think.