State Units

Updated: 2018-08-29

State Units are very similar to super units, but for state graphs instead of flow graphs. They allow you to nest a whole state graph into a single unit in a parent flow graph.

To create a blank state unit, choose Nesting > State Unit in the fuzzy finder. As usual, you can double-click the node or use the Edit Graph button from its inspector to open the nested graph. To create a state unit from a macro, you can either drag & drop the macro asset into your graph, or choose it from the Macros category in the fuzzy finder.

A state unit has two control input ports to indicate when to start and stop it, and two matching control output ports to specify what to do after.

When a state unit is started, all the start states in its nested state graph will be entered.

When it is stopped, every state and transition in its nested graph will be marked as inactive.

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