Getting Started

Updated: 2019-08-15

Welcome to Peek!

Peek is a collection of tools for Unity designed to improve your workflow in the editor.


Peek requires Unity 2018.4 or above and has been tested up to Unity 2019.3.

Peek requires .NET 4.x as a scripting runtime version. This is the default for new Unity projects. The deprecated .NET 3.x runtime is not supported.

We aim to support all upcoming Unity versions, but keep in mind that Alpha and Beta versions of Unity are not officially supported. This is because Unity can introduce changes under the hood that break Peek functionality, and we need some time to adjust and push fixes.


Head over to the Unity Asset Store to download Peek!

Peek requires one license per seat because it is an editor extension.

This means each person on your team using Peek must have their own license. For more information, see the Unity Asset Store EULA under Section 2.3.


After the package has been imported, the Peek setup wizard will appear automatically.

If it doesn't open by itself, you can find it under Tools > Peek > Setup Wizard.

Just click Next to complete the setup. No action or configuration is required on your part.

The setup wizard should only appear once. If it appears again, it means your Peek project settings files are missing or corrupted. Make sure you include them in your Version Control when working in teams.

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