Updated: 2019-07-22

The Replacer tool lets you to quickly replace one or more objects in your scene and by any other prefab or primitive. This speeds up mass changes to a scene, encouraging rapid iterations and experimentation in level design.


The replacer tool uses the same finder menu as the creator tool.


The new object will maintain the previous object's position and rotation, but not its scale.

From the Context Menu

You can replace one or more objects from the Game Object tool's context menu, either in the scene or hierarchy.

From the Scene Toolbar

You can also bring up the replacer menu for the selection in the scene view by holding Ctrl+Shift (Cmd+Shift) and clicking on the Game Object tool's button.

From the shortcut

Hit Alt+R to bring up the replacer for the current selection.

If you're on Unity 2019 and don't use Asset Refresh often, you can remap this shortcut to Ctrl+R.

Mass Replace

You can replace multiple objects at once by selecting all of them before opening the replacer.

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