Discover inspiring projects built with visual scripting.

The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon
RPG by Sentient Play

A Modern Roleplaying Videogame with Old-School Pen & Paper Feel.

Feel good app by Marko Kršul

MagicWood is an app where you cycle through a collection of "cards" containing unique illustrations and voice overs.

Drone Destroyer
FPS by Ludiq

Control a turret to defend Bolt City from the alien race "The Makers."

3D Design Tool by Hyper_Tectonics

An application for designing very large spaces around yourself in VR, with the ability to examine miniature versions of it in front of you.

Side-scroller by Siarate

Winner of the first ever Bolt Jam, Parallel is a lovely side-scroller that explores the inner dilemma of a protagonist across two connected universes.

Fantasy MOBA
Action RPG by Ludiq

Play as the mage Olzal to take down a legion of monsters.

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