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The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon
RPG by Sentient Play

A Modern Roleplaying Videogame with Old-School Pen & Paper Feel.

Lucky Me
Puzzle Game by Artifact 5

A game inspired by Eminem's music video "Lucky You." A Puzzle Shooter where talent-less hacks copy your every move. Sometimes you have to use their stupidity against them to survive.

Fantasy MOBA
Action RPG by Ludiq

Play as the mage Olzal to take down a legion of monsters.

Side-scroller by Siarate

Winner of the first ever Bolt Jam, Parallel is a lovely side-scroller that explores the inner dilemma of a protagonist across two connected universes.

Drone Destroyer
FPS by Ludiq

Control a turret to defend Bolt City from the alien race "The Makers."

3D Design Tool by Hyper_Tectonics

An application for designing very large spaces around yourself in VR, with the ability to examine miniature versions of it in front of you.

Relaxation app by Marko Kršul

MagicWood is an app where you cycle through a collection of "cards" containing unique illustrations and voice overs.

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