Bolt Jam #2

The week-long game jam where all the games are #madewithbolt

Join the game jam here:

Do it again.

After the amazing turnout for the first BoltJam event, we just had to do it again. Of course we also had to go bigger so our prize pool has shot up from $300 worth in assets to over $500!

A few of our partners and the prizes that they are bringing to the jam:

  • Amplify Creations is bringing us Amplify impostors, Colour and Lut pack.
  • Turboscalpeur offered both volumes of the HQ Photographic Textures Grass Pack Vol.1.
  • Kronnect presents Volumetric Fog and Mist.
  • Vetasoft joins us with Camera Filter Pack.
  • DLNK presents his highly detailed Sci-fi Neon city pack
  • Sine VFX brings his beautiful Living Particles to the game jam!
  • Jean Moreno brings the shade! With Toony colors Pro 2.
  • Will Hong gets jiggly with it bringing Dynamic Bone to the jam.
  • Finally, Moon Tribe and Borodar are back again from Bolt jam #1 with "2D Asset Pack - 3 Worlds" and "Farland Skies - Cloudy Crown Pro."

The last one

For the spectacular entries from the first BoltJam, check this page out: is an article on the winning entry of the first game jam:

The results

The winner of Bolt Jam #2 is: "You are my Sunshine" by @andreivankio.

Check out all the other amazing entries here:

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