Deprecation of Peek and Chronos

The assets will be deprecated on the Unity Asset Store on March 31st.

Hi everyone,

Lazlo here, Ludiq's current one and only developer. 👋

I'm writing this post to announce that my Unity plugins "Peek" and "Chronos" will be marked as deprecated on the Unity Asset Store on March 31st, 2022.

The reason behind this unfortunate decision is simple. In the last two years, in addition to developing Unity plugins, I started leading an indie game studio and directing a game with a small team. As many of you are indie developers yourselves, I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that this endeavour takes up all my time, energy and focus. Therefore, I came to accept that I simply don't have the bandwidth to both direct my game while also providing quality support for my Unity plugins on the side.

I first considered lowering the price of Peek to reflect the lack of support, but after careful consideration, it feels unethical and unprofessional of me to publish any package for which I cannot provide timely support, no matter its price, or even if it is free as Chronos currently is. In my opinion, such practices pollute the Unity Asset Store ecosystem with stale / unreliable solutions and ultimately lower the trust of users not only in my own assets, but in assets on the store as a whole. For this reason, I've decided to mark all my packages as deprecated for the time being.

I still believe in Peek, and "dogfooding" it internally with my team has given me a lot of perspective on the actual UX challenges of the Unity Editor in a real game production context. In my ideal world, I'd be able to return to its development in the future and publish a version that reflects these experiences, but this is realistically not a promise I can make -- it is, at best, a hope.

If you are looking for Peek alternatives and Unity plugins that improve the editor workflow, you may be interested in:

As a closing note, I'd like to thank each and every user of Peek and Chronos for your trust and feedback over the years. I hope you understand my situation and I wish you all the best in your current and future Unity projects.



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