Welcome to the new Ludiq.io

Introducing Learning hubs and the new Bolt Labs

Our website has undergone a massive overhaul. In development for almost two months, this update gives some much needed love to documentation, tutorials, downloads and more.

New Learning Hubs

We heard you: Bolt needs more tutorials, better documentation, and a quick way to answer frequently asked questions. To fulfill this need, we created what we call "Learning Hubs". These are central place to group all the available help for one of our plugins. You can find them here:

We put a lot of time in designing the perfect learning experience. Starting at the hub, you'll find quick links to all the available help content, along with video previews where available. Once you choose a lesson, you'll find our brand new redesign including easy access to the whole help hierarchy, along with quick in-page jumps to the content you're looking for.

PS: Bolt now has its long overdue FAQ and Known Issues pages! We've also updated the tutorial and documentation to the latest Bolt version, including new units added in version 1.4.

Improved Downloads and Changelogs

We got rid of the old "Builds" page and replaced it with a much clearer download hub, where each release is archived and properly labeled. Release pages now include their complete changelogs and that of their previous releases so you get a quick overview of what changed.

We also reworked our invoice checking system. Now, Unity Asset Store invoice numbers are linked to your Ludiq account, alongside the licenses you purchased from the Ludiq Store. Linking an invoice number only takes one click, and you'll only have to do it once instead of each time you want to download a new release.

Ludiq Store and Ludiq Account

To power this new release system, we created our own secure online store and account. Having our own store alongside the Unity Asset Store allows us to host sales more frequently and create more vouchers and coupon codes.

Right now, the Ludiq Account is only used to safely store and manage your licenses and orders. But in the future, we have big (but very secret) plans to network Ludiq developers together. Stay tuned!

Community Powered Showcase & Tutorials

We've been blown away by the size, friendliness and sheer awesomeness of the Bolt community over the last year. Our Discord server has now grown to almost 2 000 members and new #MadeWithBolt games are popping each week. Skilled YouTubers have also started posting plenty of Bolt tutorials about every topic, from the basic spinning cube to the arcane art of custom units. There's something happening, and we want to make sure we give the community the means to keep going.

First, we're introducing the #MadeWithBolt showcase. It'll be the home of every inspiring project created with visual scripting in Unity. Along with the obligatory screenshots and videos, Hasan, our in-house community manager / rockstar will take the time to get to know each team on the showcase, by interviewing them to know how they are building their project.

Second, we're opening up our learning hub to community-submitted tutorials. We will keep working with top YouTubers like GameGrind and Infallible Code to provide you with official tutorials, but we can't cover everything. After all, Bolt can do everything Unity can do! So submit your tutorials, and we'll be glad to give them a prime spot to shine.

Labs: the future of Bolt

Last but not least, we are introducing Bolt Labs. This is where you can get a glimpse of the future of Bolt. We are rethinking our release cycle to work in big, significant projects like C# Script Generation, Networking, Behaviour Trees and more. Currently, Labs is our new non-linear roadmap. Soon, the goal is to provide experimental builds for each lab, so our most avid testers can get their hands on major new features faster without disrupting our main stable release schedule.

As you can see, there's already 8 major projects listed on the Labs. C# Script Generation is our first priority, and it's what our resident programmer / genius Andy has been working on for the past months. Today, we're thrilled to announce that core C# generation is now completed, and we're now putting finishing touches to integrate it smoothly in the Bolt workflow.

That's it for this blog post! Now that the website is finished, I (Lazlo, hi!) will be able to get back to developing new features, including the much awaited workflow improvements of Bolt 1.5. And in case you haven't noticed already: we now have a blog! You can expect more frequent updates from the Ludiq team as we build new features and host events like Bolt Jams and mega sales. If you want to stay tuned, use the Atom feed or the newsletter form here.


— Lazlo, Lead Developer

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