Updated: 2019-08-08

Editor Preferences

Preferences > Ludiq > Peek

Hierarchy Toolbars
Toggles the display of toolbars in the Hierarchy
Hierarchy Toolbars OffsetShifts the hierarchy toolbars from the edge for compatibility with other third-party plugins that extend the hierarchy
Project Toolbars
Toggles the display toolbars in the Project window
Scene Toolbars
Controls the display of toolbars in the Scene view
Display Scene ToolbarsToggles the display of toolbars in the Scene view.
Toolbar AlignmentControls the alignment of the toolbars in the Hierarchy
Controls the display of tabs in the Scene view
Tabs ModeToggles the display mode of newly opened tabs
Tabs Titles
Toggles the display of tab titles in the Scene view
Tabs OrderOverrides the order of tabs to maintain shortcut consistency
Toolbar Alignment
Controls the alignment of the toolbars in the Hierarchy
Merge Scripts
Controls when scripts get merged in toolbars
Persistent Pins

Makes pinned inspectors dockable and survive assembly reload. (Experimental)

Reference Inspector
Toggles the display of the reference inspector button around object fields
Preview Icons
Toggles the display of preview icons in the Hierarchy, Project, Toolbars and Finder
Controls the availability of the creator tool
Quick Scene Maximize
Toggles the double-click shortcut to maximize the scene view.
Quick Deselect
Toggles the Escape shortcut to clear the selection
Hierarchy Space Shortcut
Toggles the Space shortcut to open Hierarchy Popups
Hierarchy Find Shortcut
Toggles the [Ctrl/Cmd]+F shortcut override to open Hierarchy Popups
Hierarchy FramingControls when an item chosen from hierarchy popups should be framed
Drop Activation Delay
Controls the delay before sticky drag & drop locks on a target
Probe LimitThe maximum number of objects that can be shown at once in the Probe's menu.
Probe ProBuilder RadiusThe radius (in pixels) around which the Probe will pick ProBuilder vertices, edges and faces.
Probe ProBuilder Depth TestToggles whether the Probe should exclude obfuscated ProBuilder elements.

Project Settings

Project Settings > Ludiq > Peek

Probe Layer Mask
Controls which layers are picked up by the probe's raycast.
Create ModelsToggles whether raw models should be included in the creator fuzzy finder
Create SpritesToggles whether raw sprites should be included in the creator fuzzy finder
Create On BoundsToggles whether newly created objects should be aligned by their bounds rather than their pivot
Creator Unit SizeControls the size of the creator targeting gizmo
Create Menu BlacklistExcludes menu items in the Game Object menu from the creator fuzzy finder
Create Folder BlacklistExclude asset folders from the creator fuzzy finder.
(Start entries with Assets/)
Tabs WhitelistForce includes tabs for windows that are not in the layout
Tabs BlacklistForce excludes layout windows from the tabs
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